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  1. This board is corresponding to Cookie. Once you contribute your article to this board, information of your name, e-mail address, URL and delete key shall be automatically collected. (However, case of user who is applicable to cookie only.)

  2. You can not use tag aside from contribution of articles.

  3. Requirement for contribution is "your name" and "your message". Your e-mail address, URL, subject and delete key are spontaneously detected.

  4. Please do not use half sized font for article. It might be a cause of unreadable characters.

  5. If you put a password (within 8 alphabet/number) when you contribute your article, you can delete the article by the delete key.

  6. Retaining number of article is 50 contributions. If in excess, the older one is automatically deleted.

  7. You can easily research from previous contributed article by "key word". It can be "word search" mode, if you click the "word search" on its top page.

  8. Articles shall be deleted by the administrator in case they are considered conspicuously disadvantageous to us or slanderous and libelous to others without notice.